Accused of theft, 12-year-old boy allegedly beaten by supermarket staff

Umagandhan Krishnan (third from left) with the two boys holding a copy of their police report.

KUALA LUMPUR: An NGO has demanded an explanation from a supermarket after a 12-year-old boy claimed he was assaulted by its security guards who had accused him of theft.

United Indian head Umagandhan Krishnan said that the incident happened about a month ago but he was only informed about it yesterday.

“I was told that the boy had stolen a knife. However, I want to ask if the supermarket has given its staff members permission to beat people like that.

“The boy said that he had returned the knife when the security guards stopped him from leaving the supermarket. However, they continued to harass him.

“They followed the boy to his house and continued attacking him. His brother, who was in the house, was also beaten by them,” he said today.

Umagandhan said no police report was made by the family because they did not know what to do.

He said on the same day, the security guards involved had lodged a police report against the two boys.

“They had lodged a false report claiming the two boys had attacked them. The boys were subsequently remanded for six days at a police station.

“Today, I just lodged a police report on behalf of the family.

“We demand an explanation from the supermarket. Will the supermarket accept responsibility?” Umagandhan asked.

He said the boys were traumatised by the incident.

Umagandhan said he was not defending what the children did but he just wanted to know if the supermarket had given permission for their staff to beat up the boys.