In final message before arrest, Najib says sorry, warns of divine justice

KUALA LUMPUR: Hours before his arrest today by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), former prime minister Najib Razak issued an apology to Malaysians, but warned his detractors of divine retribution in the wake of intense media coverage of cash and luxury items seized from his homes.

“I would like to apologise to all Malaysians. You deserve the best of leaders. I have done everything I could. However, I realise that it isn’t enough, and I admit that there are many shortcomings,” he said in a video message posted on his Facebook, believed to be recorded just hours before he was picked up from his Taman Duta home here this afternoon.

Najib was arrested at 2.35pm today, by the multi-agency special task force to investigate 1MDB. He is expected to be charged tomorrow, believed to be over allegations linked to SRC International, the former subsidiary of the troubled state firm.

Two weeks after losing the general election in May, Najib was questioned by MACC on some RM42 million said to have been transferred from SRC International into his private bank account.

In his message, Najib, whose nine-year premiership came to an abrupt end on May 9, said while he was not perfect, he had been a victim of speculation and rumours, concerning accusations he said “were not all true”.

“It’s true, our home was raided for days. Yes, I am being investigated and there are goods that have been confiscated. However, none of this is conclusive. There is a lot of news going around, pictures being spread, that are rumours, false, twisted and slanderous,” he said.

Najib, saying everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, also spoke of divine justice awaiting those who spread “slander”.

“Nobody can escape, not even those in power today, or those who spread rumours while shaming others,” he said.

Since his defeat two weeks ago, Najib and his family members have been the target of police raids, with shocking images of luxury items and bags filled with cash worth millions of dollars seized from his properties linked to him.

He said he was grateful that he was made to face the “the trials of this world”.

“Not everyone has the opportunity to endure worldly trials. We all know that the trials of the afterlife are far more difficult to endure. I will face them firmly,” he said.

“Truly, Almighty Allah is all-knowing, all-merciful and all-compassionate.”