Pray for Najib, Khairuddin tells Rosmah

PETALING JAYA: Outspoken 1MDB critic Khairuddin Abu Hassan, who was once jailed for lodging police reports about funds missing from the state firm, has urged supporters of Najib Razak to accept the former prime minister’s arrest with an open heart.

In a statement, Khairuddin said Najib’s arrest had restored the credibility of the country’s institutions which now acted without fear or favour.

But, he said, Najib’s arrest was not something people should be happy about but must be seen as a lesson for others.

“Our country has laws. Whoever commits a crime must be punished in line with the rule of law. At the base of it, we cannot persecute someone without solid evidence.

“In the case of Najib’s arrest, I hope his supporters and all Malaysians accept it with an open heart,” he said, adding he hoped the truth would prevail soon.

Khairuddin said he was once thrown into jail for lodging police reports in the country and overseas on the 1MDB case, but he accepted it with an open heart.

In 2015, police detained Khairuddin and his lawyer Matthias Chang for two months in 2015 under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act, a law dealing with terrorist activities.

The two men were charged with sabotaging the nation’s banking and financial services but were subsequently acquitted.

“The struggle for truth must be based on sacrifice. My family members were affected because of my arrest and could only pray for me.

“At this point in time, I sincerely wish to advise Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor and his family members to pray for his wellbeing,”

He said even though he was persecuted by Najib over the 1MDB case, he never held a grudge against him and even went to visit Najib and Rosmah two days after the 14th general election.