Terengganu to pay RM3.2 bil for 6 projects

Exco Mamad Puteh says the projects were implemented via the Public-Private Partnership. (Facebook pic)

TERENGGANU: Six projects costing RM3.2 billion were implemented through the Public-Private Partnership concept under the previous government in Terengganu, said state infrastructure, public utilities, utilities and green technology committee chairman Mamad Puteh.

He told the Terengganu state assembly today that two payment methods were used – delayed payment and scheduled payment – for the six projects. They are for the period of 2016 to 2032.

The projects are the Bukit Sah, Kemaman, water treatment plant with a cost of RM686.87 million payable in six years; the Kuala Terengganu Utara Water Supply Scheme (RM1.3 billion – 13 years); the Kuala Nerus District Administration Centre (RM600 million – eight-and-a-half years); the Terengganu River Estuary (RM90.24 million – five years); the State Sports Council Hostel (RM95.49 million – five years) and development of Phase II Bandar Baru Kijal in Kemaman (RM250 million – five years).

Payments in 2016 and 2017 were RM70 million a year, while the amount payable for 2018 is RM101.2 million, Mamad said.

He said the state government would have to pay RM290.8 million for 2019, RM348.1 million (2020), RM382.2 million (2021), RM371.4 million(2022), RM339.6 million (2023) and RM248.1 million (2024).

He said a total of RM761.6 million would have to be paid between 2025 and 2031, adding that the state government’s last payment of RM45.3 million would be in 2032.