Nizar apologises to Siti Aishah over Perak speaker issue

Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin. (Bernama pic)

IPOH: State executive councillor Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin today apologised to Perak PKR information chief Senator Siti Aishah Shaik for any misunderstanding leading to her withdrawal as a candidate for the State Legislative Assembly speaker’s post.

Mohammad Nizar, who is chairman of the State Investment and Corridor Development Committee, hoped Siti Aishah would continue her “struggle” to ensure Pakatan Harapan (PH) carried out its responsibilities to the people well.

“We read her (Siti Aishah) statement in the newspaper this morning. The statement is her personal stance.

“I support her reasons for withdrawing in order to provide better services to the people of Perak and continue to work hard. I really appreciate her stance and apologise for any misunderstanding,” said the former Perak menteri besar.

He said this after officiating the Green Initiative Seminar organised by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) at Hotel [email protected] here today.

Through a media statement yesterday, Siti Aishah said her initial decision to accept the nomination for the post of speaker was made on the understanding that PKR should be given the post as DAP had five executive councillor positions in the state government.

On Monday, Siti Aishah said in her Facebook page that she had also received pressure from Mohammad Nizar to withdraw her nomination. However, Siti Aishah has since removed the statement naming Mohammad Nizar from her Facebook page.

Negotiations on deciding the candidate, she said, went on until Monday and in the end she decided to withdraw.

In the end the DAP’s nominee, Ngeh Koo Ham, was voted in as speaker at the first meeting of the first session of the 14th Perak State Assembly.