Immigration defends Kota Raya complex raid

The foreign nationals detained in an immigration raid at the Kotaraya Shopping Complex on Sunday. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The immigration department today said it had followed its standard operating procedures (SOP) in detaining some 300 foreign nationals suspected of working illegally in the country.

In a statement, it said the raid had been carried out around Kotaraya, Central Market and Jalan Silang following complaints of many foreign nationals in the area.

More than 1,200 foreigners were checked and some 300 detained on suspicion of wrongdoing under the Immigration Act 1959/63, including not possessing legal travel documents such as passports and overstaying their visas.

Responding to an employer’s claim that her Filipino helper had been taken despite having a copy of her passport and a picture of her visa, the department said only actual passports could be accepted in such situations.

This was because there had been instances of foreign nationals using fake travel documents or passes, it added.

“According to reports, the subject was detained for not possessing a passport or valid travel documents, or the identity card for foreign nationals issued by the immigration department (i-Kad).

“All foreign nationals must have their travel documents or passports on them at all times to facilitate checks by the immigration department or other authorities during operations,” it said.

It added that the detained individuals had been taken to the immigration department in Putrajaya for further investigation before being sent to the immigration depot.

“All of the detainees had to be handcuffed according to SOP,” it said.

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