Suspect in JB petrol station murder to be extradited from Thailand

The mastermind of the murder of ‘Ah Chiu’, stabbed and mowed down by a white BMW car, was identified through his Jesus Christ tattoo on his right arm.

BANGKOK: One of Malaysia’s most wanted men, who was arrested by the Thai police last May, will be extradited home tomorrow to face questions on his alleged role in the murder of a 44-year-old man in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, in December last year.

Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) assistant liaison officer in Thailand, Supt Ridzuan Abdul Aziz, told Bernama here today that the 36-year-old suspect, who is from Johor Bahru, would be escorted back to Malaysia by eight police officers from the Johor Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

He said the man, together with his girlfriend, were arrested by the Thai police on May 29 in Chaiyaphum province, 260km northeast of Bangkok.

The eight Malaysian police officers entrusted to escort the highly-wanted man and his girlfriend back to Malaysia arrived in Bangkok two days ago to prepare for the extradition.

Ridzuan said the two suspects were currently detained at the Suan Phlu Immigration Centre (IDC) in Bangkok.

The man was alleged to have masterminded the murder of “Ah Chiu” who was stabbed and mowed down by a white BMW car at a petrol station in Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru.

The gruesome footage of the murder also went viral on the country’s social media.

Since the incident, the Malaysian police had arrested several men and women as well as charged two people in court last February.

The man, who sported a large “Jesus Christ” tattoo on his right arm, fled to Thailand sometime in December last year, not long after the crime in Johor Baharu.

As a ruse to cover his criminal past, the man sought refuge as a monk in a Buddhist temple in Petchabun province.

Then, together with his girlfriend, he moved to Chaiyaphum where they lived inside a temple compound and became strict Buddhist followers.

Due to his strict adherence to Buddhist teachings, which only allowed him to have one meal a day, his weight dropped considerably.

This made efforts by Thai police to positively identify his identity, based on the previous photo provided by the Malaysian police, difficult.

“However, after spotting the large ‘Phra Yesu’ (Jesus Christ) tattoo on his right arm, we knew we had our man,” a Thai policeman, who was involved in an operation to arrest the suspect, told Bernama recently.