Vasanthapiriya wasn’t beaten or scolded, teacher tells inquest

Vasanthapiriya was found hanged after she was accused of stealing the teacher’s mobile phone. (Bernama pic)

GEORGE TOWN: The coroner’s court here was told today that Form Two student M Vasanthapiriya was not beaten or scolded when she was questioned over a missing mobile phone.

Teacher R Raymala, 48, the owner of the phone, said she did not directly accuse Vasanthapiriya of stealing the phone but had asked whether or not she had entered the staffroom.

She said Vasanthapiriya repeatedly told her that she had not entered the room.

Raymala is the eighth witness in the inquest into the death of Vasanthapiriya, who was found hanged, believed to be due to humiliation, after she was accused of stealing the teacher’s mobile phone.

The witness, who is also one of Vasanthapiriya’s teachers at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Methodist Nibong Tebal, said the student later admitted she had taken the phone after another teacher, S Paramasivam, 47, showed her a video footage which caught a glimpse of the student in the staffroom.

Earlier, another witness, Dr Amirul Adib Ahmad Zakhi, 29, who is also a medical officer at Sungai Bakap Hospital, said that Vasanthapiriya was found to have scars on the neck and left wrist.

Hearing before coroner Norsalha Hamzah continues on Friday.

Vasanthapiriya died at the Seberang Jaya Hospital Intensive Care Unit at 3.35am on Feb 1.

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