Man stabbed, staggered 250 metres before dying

MELAKA: The body of a man, who was believed to have been attacked with a sharp object and killed, was found sprawled in a pool of blood on the footpath of a shop in Taman Malim Jaya here, this morning.

Melaka Tengah police chief Afzanizar Ahmad said the body was identified as that of Koo Kar Chung, 56, from Taman Malim Jaya, and was found at 8.00 am.

“Initial investigation found that there was a stab wound on the left of the neck, injuries under both armpits, injury on the right side of the mouth, cuts on the head and the back of the neck but no weapons were found near the body,” he said.

Police said the incident took place at a vehicle repair shop on Jalan Berkat 6, Taman Malim Jaya, about 250 metres from where the body was found.

He said police also found dried blood in front of the workshop and a long screwdriver with blood stains.

Afzanizar said the victim was believed to have been attacked by a suspect at the workshop and staggered for about 250 metres before collapsing and dying on the five-foot path of the shop.

“We are still investigating the motive of the incident and the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code,” he said.