​​​​Arshad slams political ‘loose cannons’ who spew hate

Retired general Arshad Raji talks of the two types of people who make bad leaders.

PETALING JAYA: Retired Brigadier-General Mohamed Arshad Raji has ticked off two politicians for being “loose cannons” in their recent statements on current affairs. Even the less-educated could see the lack of logic and sensibility in the statements, he said.

He cautioned politicians against wielding race and religion to sow discord and hatred, saying it had proven to be a failed political strategy at the recent general election.

Arshad, who heads the National Veterans’ Association (Patriot) said that Umno and PAS leaders who failed to realise this “truly deserve to be labelled as morons”.

He said based on the experience of the military veterans’ group, they could tell two types of people who made bad leaders.

“First are those empty vessels that speak without much sense. Second are those who lack capability and knowledge but (are) good at currying favour,” he said.

“For both types, they often talk ill of others, sow hatred and sabotage others as evil means to gain advantage,” he added.

Arshad took issue with statements made by Lokman Adam of Umno and Nasrudin Hassan of PAS.

Lokman had accused Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad of ruling the government according to the wishes of the DAP, which has 42 seats in the Dewan Rakyat  to 13 held by his PPBM party.

Nasrudin, the PAS information chief, had reportedly accused the Pakatan Harapan government of creating restiveness among Muslims in the recent appointments of three people to top positions of the legal system and judiciary.

Arshad said it was clear that Nasrudin was making insinuations about the chief justice (Richard Malanjum), de facto law minister (Batu Sapi MP Liew Vui Keong of Parti Warisan Sabah) and the attorney-general (Tommy Thomas).

“The arguments put forward by Lokman Adam and Nasrudin Hassan were so void of logic and sensibility to even the less educated,” he said.

“Both Lokman and Nasrudin are middle echelon leaders in their respective parties. Their rapid-fire loose-cannon shots, though blanks, reflect very badly on their parties and their top party leaders who do not rein in their lieutenants,” he added.

He said Malaysians needed to rally around the prime minister and his Cabinet to together face the challenges ahead.