Suspend unjust laws until repeal, says Global Bersih

Fadiah Nadwa Fikri is being investigated for a blog article which allegedly questioned the monarchy.

GEORGE TOWN: The Global Bersih reform movement has urged the federal government to suspend unjust laws that curtail freedom of expression, until the laws are repealed by Parliament, as promised in Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto.

The group said laws such as the Sedition, Anti-Fake News “and scores more” ought to be repealed, and some amended, as they contained “problematic sections” that infringe basic human rights.

Global Bersih’s call came amid protest over police action against politicians and activists such as lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri who had written a blog article which allegedly questioned the monarchy. Fadiah was a former Malaysian coordinator of Global Bersih.

Global Bersih said the police investigation under the sedition and internet laws amounted to harassment.

The group demanded “immediate and real change” and urged Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s government to fulfil Pakatan Harapan’s promises as soon as the new Parliament sits this week.

“It is time for Malaysia to mature into a true democracy and to lead the Asean region in this direction,” the group said in a statement from its headquarters in Switzerland today.

Fadiah is also being questioned by police for taking part in an illegal assembly, a solidarity vigil held outside the police station when she was questioned on July 10.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia member S Arutchelvan also faces police action over a gathering of about 50 people in front of the prime minister’s office on June 11 to protest against the sacking of Bank Negara employee Y Kohila.

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