Manhunt for Indira’s ex-husband continues

Muhammad Riduan Abdullah converted his three children to Islam without the consent of his then-wife.

IPOH: The police are still looking for Muhammad Riduan Abdullah for allegedly failing to hand over his youngest daughter to his former wife, M Indira Gandhi.

Perak Criminal Investigation Department head SAC Yahya Abdul Rahman, in a statement, said the manhunt for Riduan had not ceased since a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Ipoh High Court on May 30, 2014.

He said efforts to find Riduan remained futile although a media statement had been issued seeking public cooperation on his whereabouts, and asking for the man himself to contact the police.

“Police have also informed Indra’s lawyer on efforts made by the police to locate Riduan and his daughter,” he said.

He reiterated the call for public cooperation for information on Riduan or his whereabouts.

On Jan 29, the Federal Court set aside the unilateral conversion of kindergarten teacher Indira’s three children to Islam.

The five-man bench chaired by Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin in a unanimous decision held that the conversion of non-Muslim children must get the consent of both parents.

Justice Zainun Ali who delivered the court’s judgment said the certificate of conversion of Indira’s three children was issued without her consent and thus contravened the Federal Constitution and the Guardianship and Infants Act 1961.

The children, two girls and a boy, now aged 20, 19, and nine years old, were converted to Islam by Riduan, formerly known as K Pathmanathan, 47, in April 2009 without Indira’s consent after his conversion to Islam.

The children were then aged 12 and 11 years, and 11 months. The youngest daughter is with Riduan, while the two elder children are with their mother.

In 2010, the Ipoh High Court gave Indira full custody of the three children and ordered Ridhuan to hand over Prasana Diksa, who is the youngest, to her mother.

In 2016, the Federal Court issued an order for the inspector-general of police to arrest Riduan for defying the court order.