Yong: Why attack a fellow Sabahan, Warisan?

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee says it is timely for Sabahans of all political persuasions to join in efforts to reclaim Sabah’s rights. (Bernama pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Yong Teck Lee has advised Parti Warisan Sabah to calm down after Warisan treasurer-general Terrence Siambun attacked him for just asking a question.

Speaking to FMT, Yong said he was only asking that the current federal ministers from Sabah should pursue the RM1 trillion federal debt to Sabah since it was Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking himself who had first spoken about it last year.

“I said this in all sincerity so that Sabah can recover all or some of its rights and benefits from the federal government. Siambun should also sincerely address this issue.

“After all, whatever funds to be repaid to the state government will be used by the Sabah government now led by his party,” he said.

Yong said it served no purpose if Siambun attacked a fellow Sabahan like himself who only wanted to remind leaders to do their job as promised and to succeed where earlier leaders had failed.

Siambun had contended that Yong had never done anything about the matter when he was a chief minister. Yong said the issue of 40% net revenue to Sabah did not arise 20 years ago and nobody in the government or in the opposition at the time had raised the issue.

On the contrary, Yong said it was Leiking who had come out last year with the figure of RM1 trillion, which he said the federal government owed Sabah, based on the 40% net revenue collected from the state, in a statement last year.

“Further, as this is now supposedly a ‘new Malaysia’, it is timely that Sabahans of all political persuasions join in efforts to reclaim Sabah’s rights.

“The current confusion over the issue of ‘20% oil royalties’ or ‘20% of profits’ is another issue that will sap the energy and attention of the current government leaders.

“Do not underestimate the huge tasks ahead,” he said.

Earlier today, Siambun chided Yong for asking Leiking whether the Penampang MP would now use his position as international trade and industry minister to demand the return of the RM1 trillion which Leiking said the federal government owed Sabah.

Siambun told Yong to take a backseat instead of giving instructions to Leiking because Yong’s party had failed in its attempts to topple Barisan Nasional in Sabah.

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