Penang PKR goes for Anwar-Azmin combo

Penang PKR chairman Mansor Othman says the party needs a strong and capable leadership. (Bernama pic)

GEORGE TOWN: Penang PKR has thrown their support behind a combination of Anwar Ibrahim and Mohamad Azmin Ali as party president and deputy president respectively.

Its state chairman Mansor Othman said PKR, as the strongest party within the Pakatan Harapan (PH) fold, needs a capable leadership.

“The combination of Anwar and Azmin is the most ideal in the current political framework. This is because the party is not merely facing numerous internal challenges, but also external ones.

“Hence, there is a need for an experienced leadership, with an excellent track record, and also loyalty to the struggle.

“Anwar and Azmin possess all these three traits. On top of that, the synergy of these two leaders have successfully carried the reformasi agenda, and this is the best combination in the new Malaysia,” he said in a statement here today.

Mansor noted that since the reformasi movement began in 1998, Azmin had taken the lead in the struggle, together with Anwar.

“Since 1998, Azmin has not only struggled relentlessly, but has remained loyal in the fight. At the same time, this could not be said for many other leaders who have chosen to make a career for themselves instead, and betrayed the struggle.

“Azmin has not only been excellent in the party. His track record as Selangor menteri besar has propelled him to be a senior Cabinet minister in the new PH government,” he said.

The PKR elections are scheduled to take place from September through October. They take place every three years. The nomination process starts this month.

The odds are currently 60% in favour of Azmin and 40% for Rafizi Ramli, who runs Invoke Malaysia, a party insider had said.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail previously denied that there were factions within the party, saying it was simply part of the democratic process. This has been the general sentiment of most PKR leaders, including Tian Chua.

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