Raj’s Banana Leaf operator to be hauled to court tomorrow

A video that showed the restaurant’s workers washing plates with water from a pothole went viral.

KUALA LUMPUR: The operator of Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant here is expected to be charged in the Magistrate’s Court tomorrow for allegedly breaching the employment law.

In a WhatsApp message, the KL Labour Department said it would press charges against the operator, Intercompass Sdn Bhd, under Section 60K of the Employment Act.

Section 60K stipulates failure by employers to provide details of their foreign workers to the authorities.

In May, a 30-second video that went viral on social media showed workers from the restaurant cleaning plates beside a drain using water in a pothole.

Raj’s Banana Leaf was later ordered to shut down indefinitely by the KL Health Department.

The health ministry also issued three notices to the restaurant operator for breaching the Food Act: not providing anti-typhoid injection to staff that handle food, not registering with the ministry, and failure to ensure the restaurant was free from pests.

The restaurant issued an apology over the issue.

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