5 years to look into recognising UEC, says Maszlee

KUALA LUMPUR: Education Minister Maszlee Malik says his ministry has five years to decide whether to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), which will be done after a thorough review of the matter.

He said the education ministry was aware that recognising the UEC for admission into local universities was part of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) manifesto. However, he said the matter should not be rushed as it was not one of the pledges to be fulfilled within 100 days.

“The ministry will carry out research and get feedback from various parties by taking into account the importance of the Malay language and the harmony of all races,” he said in a parliamentary reply here today.

He added that his ministry wished to ensure that recognising the UEC would not disrupt unity and harmony within the country.

Maszlee was responding to Alice Lau (PH-Lanang) who asked when PH’s pledge to recognise the UEC would be fulfilled.

Lau also asked whether Chinese private schools would receive government funding, to which Maszlee said they were not part of the national education system.

“Any development allocation should be sought from federal government agencies,” he added.

Maszlee had previously told the Dewan Rakyat that his ministry would not fund private schools.

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