Anwar has huge responsibilities as PKR president, says Shafie

Sabah Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says Anwar Ibrahim will also need to ensure PKR contributes towards uniting the people.

KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Shafie Apdal congratulated Anwar Ibrahim on winning the PKR top post unchallenged but reminded him that the people would hold him responsible for fulfilling the promises of change that were made by the party.

“We congratulate Anwar for winning the PKR presidency unchallenged through a process that follows the party’s rules.

“This is a responsibility for him to ensure PKR contributes towards uniting the people as well as developing and bringing about big change, in line with what the rakyat (people) wanted,” said the Parti Warisan Sabah president.

He also commended PKR’s unity, hoping that it could be enhanced to further strengthen to fulfil the promise made to the people.

Anwar won the post of PKR party president uncontested yesterday although an official announcement will only be made at a later date.

PKR election committee secretary Ismail Yusof said Anwar had yet to officially win the post as an auditor needed to be appointed by the new party leadership. This would be done on Aug 19.

Meanwhile, Shafie dismissed suggestions from certain quarters not to celebrate the country’s National Day, saying such groups were just making “noises”.

“We want to develop the state, that is more important than those guys who are making all these kinds of noises.

“What’s important to us is the content of kemerdekaan (independence), instead of having disputes on dates.

“Another important thing is that the wealth in Sabah is shared by all the people. But we also understand the formation of Malaysia is on Sept 16 while the independence of Peninsular Malaysia is on Aug 31 – that must be taught to our children,” he said.

Activists from Sabah and Sarawak have in recent years called for people from both states to be more aware of the significance between Sept 16 and Aug 31, the former being the more important one of the two.

Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF), one of the NGOs fighting for Sabah rights, had recently called on the state government to gazette Aug 31 as Sabah Day to commemorate the state’s actual day of independence from British colonial rule.

The BHF also stated Sabahans should no be compelled to celebrate the National Day celebration as it had nothing to do with Sabah, its history or its people.

Anwar wins PKR presidency uncontested