Over 30 schools in Penang have no CF, assembly told

State executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo says the Penang government cannot take any action as the matter falls under federal jurisdiction.

GEORGE TOWN: At least 30 government schools in Penang are operating in buildings which have no certificates of completion and compliance (CCC), which were previously known as certificates of fitness (CF).

The state assembly was told that the local authorities had not issued the CCC for these buildings that were built by a company named Penang Management Consultant (PMC).

State executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo (DAP-Dato Keramat) said a total of 31 government schools were built by PMC.

He said since educational matters were under the federal government, the non-compliance was a “national matter” and fell under the purview of the Federal Land Commissioner.

“The Penang government cannot take any action on government schools without the CCC. Based on information provided by the state Education Department, it appears that all states have a similar problem.

“We are told the education ministry was looking into the matter, so I hope it will be resolved soon,” he said in his reply to Khaliq Mehtab Mohd Ishaq (PPBM-Bertam).

In the written reply, it was stated that the schools affected were built as early as 2002 and the latest was in 2011, with most of them located on mainland Seberang Perai.

The primary schools in the list are SK Kepala Batas, SK Transkrian (SK Saujana Indah), SK Teluk Kumbar II (SK Seri Bayu), SK Bukit Minyak II (SK Permai Indah), SK Sungai Batu, SK Taman Bertam (SK Bertam Indah), SK Wawasan Sri Tasek (SK Tasek Perami), SK Mutiara Perdana, SK Alma Jaya II, SK Gemilang, SK Penaga II, SK Bertam Perdana, SK Sg Bakap II, and SK Taman Desa Murni.

The secondary schools are SMK Pokok Sena, SMK Taman Bertam (SMK Bertam Indah), SMK Bukit Minyak (SMK Permai Indah), SMK Taman Perwira, SMK Tasek, SMK Teluk Kumbar II, SMK Taman Widuri, SMK Seberang Jaya II (SMK Tun Hussein Onn), SMK Batu Maung, SMK Machang Bubuk II, SMK Machang Bubuk, SMK Jawi, SMK Kepala Batas, SMK Gemilang, SMK Taman Desa Murni, SMK Guar Perahu II, and SMK Pondok Upeh.

In a supplementary question to Jagdeep, Khaliq asked if the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) or the Fire Department had given any approval to the schools.

“I am very worried as my daughter goes to a school built by PMC. Will the authorities check?” he asked.

Jagdeep then said the authorities present at the assembly would take note of his concern and he would also alert the Seberang Perai local council to investigate.

Outside the assembly, Khaliq said he was first alerted about buildings without CCC after realising SK Kepala Batas was in a bad condition, with cracked floors and damaged structures.

“The school has structural defects and the floors were cracked, there were no safety measures for the school. We need the education ministry to do something about it.”