PKR polls: 600 tablets to be used for e-voting

System and data chief Alvin Teoh (left) and polls committee secretary Ismail Yusof showing how the e-voting system works.

PETALING JAYA: Six hundred Samsung tablets will be used by PKR members to choose top leaders as the party holds its first elections using the e-voting system next month.

An independent company which had helped the party in several projects is behind the software, which the party said would ensure the voting process is accurate.

The media was shown a simulation of the e-voting system using Samsung tablets at the PKR headquarters today.

The party’s political bureau has agreed to add another 100 tablets if the number of voters is high, polls committee secretary Ismail Yusof said.

The PKR polls, which starts on Sept 14, will take place over the course of nine weeks. The official results will be announced at the PKR national congress on Nov 16.

Meanwhile, system and data chief Alvin Teoh said an auditor would be appointed to monitor the coding and scrutinise the election process. Refusing to reveal details of the auditor, Teoh said this would be announced next week.

The digital vote-counting system is said to be very accurate and voters can only access the e-voting system with a QR code which they will obtain upon submitting their identification cards.

Meanwhile, elections committee chairman Rashid Din urged candidates to tone down on factionalism.

He reminded candidates to distance themselves from actions which could be construed as vote-buying and threatening members in a bid to get support.

“We know there are certain camps, each community has its own camps. What I can say, is, let us try to reduce this.

“After all, we are all part of the PKR family,” Rashid said.