Sorry, I can’t accept these phones, Loke tells organiser

KUALA LUMPUR: Adhering to the government’s no-gift policy, Transport Minister Anthony Loke today refused to accept a token of appreciation handed to him at the launch of a local e-hailing service.

“I’m sorry but I cannot accept these,” Loke said after he was offered the gift at the launch of Diffride.

Later on, at a press conference, Loke explained the Pakatan Harapan government ‘walked the talk’ and refused to accept any gifts at any events.

“The new government and all ministers, we walk the talk, and I would like to inform event organisers that in future to please take note as this is a new regulation by the new government. I don’t need any gifts. Next time, if you invite me to events, I’m just going to attend. I don’t need any gifts,” he told reporters.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on June 8 reportedly said that ministers would no longer be able to accept gifts under a new policy put in place by his administration.

According to Mahathir, gifts should only be limited to flowers, food and fruits.