Keep it friendly, we’re on the same side, PKR candidates told

PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din has defended the party’s new campaign guidelines, saying they are meant to promote a friendly and ethical election among the contestants.

“The guidelines were introduced to encourage candidates to be respectful and ethical towards each other.

“Though the guidelines may seem harsh, they were introduced to maintain PKR’s public image.

“We can’t have members of the same party belittling each other as that would bring down the party’s image,” he told FMT after several PKR leaders criticised the new guidelines contained in a circular issued on Sunday.

On the guideline restricting attendance at ceramahs or feasts to not more than 100 people, Rashid said the number was just a figure.

“You cannot get an answer on why (it is) only 100. It is just a guideline. It is up to them whether to comply or not.

“The more important thing here is that the candidates should remember this is not GE14 and their opponents are from the same party. The crowd doesn’t matter.

“The stress here is that candidates should not bring down their opponents as they are all from the same party,” he added.

The new guidelines also bar candidates from using group images in campaign materials.

“The use of posters, advertisements and any campaign materials are meant to introduce the candidate, and must portray only the image of the candidate,” states the circular, which was signed by Rashid.

The 2018 PKR election will be held between Sept 14 and Oct 13.