Wee ‘lectures’ PH on how to be the government

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong, seen here with MCA candidate for the Balakong by-election Tan Chee Teong, says PH must explain what is required to recognise the UEC examination.

BANGI: Four-term Ayer Hitam MP Wee Ka Siong today lectured Pakatan Harapan (PH) on how to be the ruling government.

Campaigning for MCA’s candidate in the Balakong by-election, Wee said DAP, a PH component party, was still uncomfortable with its position in the government, despite being part of the administration for more than 100 days.

“They still speak like they are still in the opposition and dig up various issues, which baffles me.

“Whatever complaints they had previously, they should use whatever is within their means now to fix them,” he said, adding that there was no point in harping on past issues.

Wee, a former minister, said what the people wanted was for the government to continue with the country’s development and strengthen the economy.

“If they (government) do a good job, then we will praise them, and vice versa.

“I don’t think ministers or deputy ministers should do their jobs just to seek political publicity,” he said, referring to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng who exposed the RM19 billion deficit in the goods and services tax refunds fund.

Wee also said current opposition parties like MCA played an important role in scrutinising the government of the day.

“The government cannot run away with the things they are doing. My friends and I in the opposition are always keeping a close eye on how they are performing,” he said.

MCA’s Tan Chee Teong is vying for the Balakong state seat in the by-election against DAP’s Wong Siew Ki.

The seat fell vacant after its assemblyman, Eddie Ng, was killed in a car crash last month.

The Balakong by-election will be held simultaneously with the Seri Setia by-election on Sept 8.

Wee also said that as the government, PH should explain whether there are other criteria to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

“PPBM strategist Rais Husin, who also wrote PH’s manifesto, said UEC students must obtain credits in Bahasa Melayu, English, History and Science subjects so they can enter public universities.

“But then Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching denied this. So what is the real situation regarding the UEC?” he asked.

PH promised to recognise UEC if it came to power but the move to recognise the Chinese secondary school examination met with a stumbling block after pro-Malay groups objected to the plan.