Dr M: Government mulling soda tax to encourage healthy living

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the government is considering implementing a soda tax to encourage healthy living and reduce sugar consumption, which is a cause of diabetes.

“The diabetes rate in Malaysia is very high because we take too much sugar,” he told reporters after launching the Cities 4.0 + Business 4.0 Conference and Exhibition here today.

He had been asked about the government’s stand on the soda tax to increase government revenue.

Mahathir said the government would also revive Cyberjaya to be more focused on technology-based industries.

He said the government wanted Cyberjaya to focus more on the development of new technologies and their applications.

“We will encourage the use of Cyberjaya for this kind of industry,” he said.

He added that there could be a second wave of development in the Multimedia Super Corridor driven by technological advances in the digital era.

On the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP), Mahathir hinted that its report might not be made public.

He said the CEP’s duty was to investigate and present its report to him for further action.

“Their job is to investigate. Whether I accept or not is my business but the main thing is to feed me the information that I need in order to make decisions,” he added.