MoF defends Petron’s appointment as fuel provider

PETALING JAYA: Putrajaya defended the appointment of a fuel company linked to the prime minister’s son as one of the fuel providers for government vehicles, claiming it will create better competition among fuel companies.

In a brief statement, the finance ministry said the appointment of Petron Fuel International — which will provide fuel through indent cards — was an administrative one as it was linked to operations.

“It has no financial implications on the government.”

The finance ministry went on to say today that the government could now choose to fuel up its vehicles with either Petronas, Shell or Petron.

The government, it added, will not restrict other suppliers from applying to be fuel providers.

Mirzan Mahathir is among the board members of the Philippines-based Petron Corporation.

Petron Corporation had said in 2013 that Mirzan did not have any shares or a role in its Malaysian operations. However, it said, he was elected as a director of Petron Corporation on Aug 13, 2010 and held 1,000 shares at that time.