The new FMT News

No, you have not been transported to a phishing site. Do not hit the back button. Stick around and familiarise yourself with the new FMT News layout.

You will see new categories and a pleasing design that suits both your desktop and handheld gadgets, but we’ve preserved the crisp, unbiased style that has come to define our contents.

This is the first major overhaul of our site since we first launched as an independent news portal in 2009. Since then, many things have changed. A whole new range of devices have sprung up, revolutionising the way news is presented.

Our content is earnestly shared on a variety of platforms. We are today one of Malaysia’s most visited websites, giving round-the-clock news and perspectives on Malaysian current affairs.

Thanks to readers like you, we are now ready to make it to the top to ensure that you stay informed.

We hope you like the new design and interface. Share your thoughts by emailing us using the feedback form.

Happy Merdeka!