‘Great Wall of China’: We need it to protect assets, says MCKIP

KUANTAN: The wall at the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP), which has been the subject of controversy, was built with the aim of protecting high-value assets and the safety of Alliance Steel (M) Sdn Bhd’s workers.

The project’s deputy commander, Steve Hu, said there was no hidden motive in building the wall, seen as a replica of the Great Wall of China, as it should be regarded as a fence erected to protect a residential home.

“We really hope it is not demolished because it is important in launching our 24-hour operations every day.

“It is to protect the property in the factory equipped with machines that run continuously and which are at times, operated without human supervision,” he told reporters after attending the National Day Celebration at the plant yesterday.

Hu was commenting on the statement by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who reportedly said he wanted the 9km-long wall to be demolished.

He added that the wall was necessary for the safety of workers and in preventing wildlife from entering the factory in view of its proximity to the forest.