I can make PKR rule Sarawak, says Rafizi

KUCHING: PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli told Sarawak PKR members today that he would come up with a strategy to increase the party’s representation in the state assembly from the current three to 18, enabling it to form the state government.

He said PKR was currently in the best position to champion Sarawak’s rights in the Federation, as party president Anwar Ibrahim would be appointed as prime minister.

“This is the reason why the election for the deputy presidency is not about who is against who, or about age, or about those with or without a position. It is a matter of strategy, an opportunity to win, reorganising the party to prepare for the next two years.

“If the prime minister is our president, it would be an advantage for Sarawak PKR to bring the voice of the state and to subdue the other parties who have made all sorts of promises to Sarawakians,” he said.

Speaking at a programme called “20 Years of Reformasi”, Rafizi said he would train more PKR leaders to voice out on issues related to Sarawak.

“I want my friends in Sarawak to know… when we say to respect the autonomy of Sarawak PKR, it is not just lip service.”