Appoint KDM to head Forestry Department, PBS dares Warisan

PBS acting Youth chief Christopher Mandut. (File pic)

KOTA KINABALU: PBS has challenged the Parti Warisan Sabah-led government to appoint a Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) to lead the Sabah Forestry Department following the removal of Sam Mannan as state chief conservator of forests.

PBS acting Youth chief Christopher Mandut said the government had been overlooking the KDM community in the appointment of civil servants and personnel in government-linked companies, including department heads.

“It is as though the new government is neglecting the KDMs, who are not lacking in experience and have been in the trade for a long time.

“I challenge Upko and Warisan leaders to appoint a KDM to head the Sabah Forestry Department.

“Why appoint outsiders to hold important posts? Are there no genuine Sabahans qualified enough for the task?” he said, referring to the recent appointments of Peter Hii as Sandakan Municipal Council president and Amarjit Singh as director of the Water Department.

Mannan was removed as Sabah’s conservator of forests on Aug 1 after three months’ notice.

Mandut also questioned Warisan’s “Sabah Ubah” (Change Sabah) slogan, which he said was proving more than the party could handle.

“They promised change and yet they are repeating mistakes which they claim were executed by the Barisan Nasional government,” he said, adding that the leaders were only “good at talking”.