MCA focuses on shaving PH’s majority in Balakong

Barisan Nasional chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

BANGI: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today urged voters to make the Balakong by-election a referendum of Pakatan Harapan’s failure to fulfil its responsibilities.

“Let this have a snowballing effect on the people, who are beginning to lose trust in PH.

“This is a strong signal that we (BN) can rise and take over the government again,” he added.

Speaking during his address at the MCA Balakong operations centre, the BN chairman said whether MCA wins the Balakong by-election is secondary.

Zahid said the main focus was to reduce the majority PH obtained in the 13th and 14th general elections.

“Being able to shave off PH’s majority would mean we have won morally.

“These three by-elections — Sungai Kandis, Balakong and Seri Setia — were a signal by God that BN will continue to exist and become stronger come what may.”

Zahid said the youths today were beginning to realise that they had voted wrongly, simply by looking at how PH had failed to portray itself as the new government.

“PH’s failure to fulfil its promises made in its manifesto has gotten people doubting its ability to lead the country.”

At the same function, MCA president Liow Tiong Lai said if MCA won the by-election, it could strengthen the opposition’s voice in the state government.

“We will be the people’s voice and provide checks and balances to the state government.

“Let’s make this by-election a voice of dissatisfaction against PH, which has failed to fulfil its promises,” he said.

Voting for the Balakong by-election will take place this Saturday. It is a straight contest between PH’s Wong Siew Ki and MCA’s Tan Chee Teong.

The seat fell vacant after its assemblyman, Eddie Ng, died in a car crash last month.

In the 14th general election, Ng obtained 41,768 votes while MCA’s Lim Chee Wah received 5,874 votes and PAS’ Mohamad Ibrahim Ghazali 6,230 votes.