Time’s up, prepare for legal action, Kit Siang tells Hanif

PETALING JAYA: Lim Kit Siang will take legal action against former top cop Hanif Omar for failing to respond to the DAP supremo’s request to explain an allegation that Lim wanted to split Malaysia along racial lines.

Lim had given Hanif until 12.30pm today to respond to his ultimatum or deny making such a statement.

Lim’s lawyer, Ramkarpal Singh said in a statement that he had received instructions from the Iskander Puteri MP to commence legal proceedings against the former inspector-general of police (IGP).

Sinar Harian had reported Hanif as saying that he had put Lim in prison under the Internal Security Act in May 1969 because the DAP leader wanted to divide Peninsular Malaysia into two parts after the 1969 general election — the east coast for the Malays and the west coast for the Chinese.

Lim has since dismissed the allegation, labelling them “cock-and-bull stories about his past police career” which were “replete with errors”.

Yesterday, Lim revealed that in the seven grounds of his detention under the Internal Security Act in 1969, no reference was made to any proposal to divide Peninsular Malaysia into the east coast for Malays and the west coast for Chinese.

Ramkarpal today added that Hanif’s further claim that he had put Lim behind bars, as a result, was a clear insinuation on his part that Lim was responsible for such a demand.

It was, he argued, highly defamatory and also possibly seditious.

“I also urge the police to investigate Hanif for sedition as there can be no doubt that his said statement has a tendency to pit one race against another, namely the Malays against the Chinese.”

He said he would be issuing a letter of demand to Hanif which will be served on him after Wednesday for him to, “inter alia, apologise and retract” the statement and propose a sum in damages.

Ramkarpal said he would give Hanif 14 days from the date of the said letter of demand. If Hanif failed to do so, then he would be taken to court for making defamatory statements, he added.