Stepsons of Cradle CEO still minors, must be protected, says group

A group protests the treatment of Nazrin Hassan’s stepsons at the Petaling Jaya court complex.

PETALING JAYA: A group representing friends and family members has called on the authorities to protect the privacy of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan’s stepsons who were recently arrested in connection with his death.

In a statement, it said the boys’ identities must be kept private according to the restrictions to media reporting and publications of the Child Act 2001.

It also urged for all law enforcement, court records and information to be kept from public disclosure, pointing out that both boys were under 18.

“We would like no unfair pre-judgements to affect the children involved and would like to assert that every person is entitled to being innocent until proven guilty,” the group’s spokesman Faizanah Sidique said.

Faizanah also criticised the act of handcuffing the teenagers, saying if they were willing to cooperate with the police, standard operating procedures would not require such measures.

“In respect for the dignity of these children, we condemn this act strongly and urge the police to undergo sensitivity training and review the uses of handcuffs, especially towards children under 18.”

The boys, aged 14 and 17, were detained after it was revealed that Nazrin, 45, had apparently suffered a puncture wound to his head believed to be caused by an archery arrow.

They were picked up after police learned that both they and their mother, possessed archery skills.

They have been remanded for seven days.