We’re unhappy with Kampung Baru commercialisation, residents tell Daim

A highrise project towers over Kampung Baru which was first established as an agricultural enclave for ethnic Malays. (Reuters pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: In a dialogue with Titiwangsa residents here today, ex-finance minister Daim Zainuddin and Rural and Regional Development Minister Rina Harun maintained that Kampung Baru should be a “centre for Malays in Kuala Lumpur”.

Residents who attended the event voiced concerns about the modernisation of Kampung Baru but both Rina and Daim noted that there was an apparent lack of consensus among them on the future of Kampung Baru.

Daim told them if the Malays could not reach a decision and stand united, then they would be adversely affected.

Rina said: “We are working towards holding a congress for Titiwangsa residents to come to a unanimous decision on this issue.”

Saying he would like Kampung Baru to remain as a “centre for Malays in Kuala Lumpur”, Daim urged residents to protest against its modernisation instead of simply complaining.

“You should have gone there (the Bumiputera Congress) and told them (the prime minister and other leaders) that you do not want Kampung Baru to be disturbed, that they should leave it to the people of Kampung Baru.”

Rina said the new and improved Kampung Baru Development Association would include village representatives who would be voted in by residents themselves.

She said her ministry would meet and discuss the issue with residents’ consultative councils and others in the six zones under Titiwangsa: Desa Pandan, Kampung Baru, Datuk Keramat, Maluri, Ampang, and Cochrane.

Kampung Baru, which means “new village”, was first established by the British colonial authorities in 1900 as an agricultural enclave for ethnic Malays.