Sultan Ibrahim: Tahfiz centres must be monitored

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar (second from left) at the launch of the 100th Year Anniversary of Islamic Education in Johor. (Bernama pic)

JOHOR BAHRU: The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, wants the state government to monitor all tahfiz centres (religious schools) operating in the state and ensure they comply with the rules.

He said all tahfiz centres operating in Johor must get a certificate of recognition before commencing operations.

“Lately, many private tahfiz centres have been set up and are seeking public donations and assistance to operate.

“Any tahfiz centre which flouts the rules should be closed immediately,” said Sultan Ibrahim when launching the 100th Year Anniversary of Islamic Education in Johor at the International Convention Centre, here, today.

He also proposed the setting up of a special tahfiz class in every religious school in Johor for students keen to memorise the Quran, if there was a demand and need.

In his speech, the sultan also issued a reminder that the administration of Islamic religious affairs fell under the state’s jurisdiction as enshrined in the federal constitution.

He stressed that all affairs related to Islam, including shariah law, religious schools and so forth, were state rights.

Meanwhile, State Islamic Religious Affairs and Education Committee chairman Aminolhuda Hassan said the Johor government would conduct investigations and coordinate tahfiz centres in the state to ensure they all operated according to the rules and regulations.

“The state government will comply with the sultan’s order and will take immediate action to close any unlicensed tahfiz centres,” he said.