Are you sure you can win in PD, Hadi asks Anwar

Abdul Hadi Awang. (Bernama pic)

KUALA TERENGGANU: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has warned Anwar Ibrahim of a tough fight in Port Dickson, saying recent by-elections have shown an increase in support for the current opposition despite Pakatan Harapan’s historic victory last May.

He said PAS had not decided whether or not to contest in Port Dickson, seen as a launchpad for Anwar to Parliament before replacing Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister, but said the party would ensure its machinery was mobilised to help the opposition candidate there.

“I want to know, this person (Anwar) who is planning to contest, does he dare to contest?” Hadi asked, after officiating the general assembly of the PAS Supporters wing here.

He said the two by-elections where PAS and Umno had recently contested – in Sungai Kandis and Seri Setia – have seen increase in votes for the two parties.

Meanwhile, Hadi said he would not rule out the possibility of a party from PH forming an alliance with it.

“One of the PH parties is breaking up. A change will happen. Maybe one government party will join the opposition?” he told reporters.

Hadi was asked if PAS and Umno would come together in a formal alliance, following increasing cooperation between both parties in the aftermath of the May general election.

Saying that talks were ongoing for such an alliance, Hadi predicted that Barisan Nasional in its present form would cease to exist.

He said PAS and Umno forming an alliance was not something new, adding that it had been done before in the 1970s.