Court orders Muslim mum to surrender children’s custody to Buddhist dad

PETALING JAYA: A Muslim convert mother, who converted her two children to Islam, has been ordered by the Court of Appeal to surrender custody of her children to her former husband, a Buddhist.

The court yesterday granted the husband full custody of the 10 year-old daughter and 6-year-old son, who were previously placed under their Muslim mother.

The woman’s lawyer, Rohani Ibrahim, said the judges ruled there was merit in the former husband’s appeal after considering various factors deemed serious after the divorce.

“The children are now back with their father,” she said, when asked whether the woman had complied with the appeal court’s order.

Rohani also said the woman accepted the court’s decision.

“She believed that everything that happened must have a reason to it,” she said, adding the woman was worried whether her children could adapt to their new environment.

Rohani also said they were considering whether to appeal against the custody order.

“We are trying to get the court’s full judgment to understand how they came to the decision that favours the father,” she said.

The High Court in Shah Alam granted full custody of the siblings to their mother in April.

She converted to Islam in December 2015, while she and her former husband were in the midst of a divorce.

She then took her children to convert them at the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department in May 2016.

The former husband is still challenging the conversion of the children in another High Court.

He claimed that his former wife converted the siblings to Islam with the intention of getting custody of them.

The father is seeking a declaration that the children’s certificates of conversion to Islam are null and void and that they were unlawfully converted.

The court has set Oct 16 to rule whether to allow the father to quash the conversion.