Najib: When will PH leaders admit I did not rob or steal?

Najib says PH must acknowledge he did not keep RM2.6 billion to buy rings or handbags and had returned it to the Saudi finance ministry.

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak has questioned why the police had not mentioned he had refunded the RM2.6 billion and that US$200 million (RM827 million now) had come from the Saudi Arabian finance ministry and Prince Faisal Turki Al Saud.

He said police had issued a statement indicating that RM2.9 billion had gone into his personal account but did not mention the money returned.

In a Facebook post today, Najib also took a jab at veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang for commenting on the wrong case.

Earlier today, Lim had issued a statement claiming that Najib had taken the unprecedented step of conducting a pre-trial defence through the media.

Lim reportedly said Najib resorted to the “most novel and unbelievable” claim that the US$681 million (RM2.6 billion) in his personal account were “contingency funds” from the King of Saudi Arabia, channelled through what he claimed was one of the latter’s companies, Tanore Finance Corporation.

“This is a most peculiar time for Najib to come out with such a novel defence — when the Malaysian public can easily find answers to the 1MDB conundrum through two books available in the bookshops,” Lim said.

In a response, Najib wrote in his Facebook post: “For Kit Siang’s information, I was charged in connection with SRC and not 1MDB and I am confident of being able to defend myself in this case.

“Therefore, I have the right to defend myself and to explain the allegations made against me regarding the 1MDB issue.

“Recently, I challenged Kit Siang to acknowledge that he knew I had returned the RM2.6 billion but Kit Siang chose not to answer.

“Yesterday, I uploaded documents from banks showing the RM2.6 billion had been returned to the same source that sent it.

“When will Kit Siang and PH (Pakatan Harapan) leaders admit that I did not rob, steal and keep the RM2.6 billion in my pocket to buy rings and handbags?”