PAS open to working with friends and foes, says Hadi

Abdul Hadi Awang. (Bernama pic)

KUALA TERENGGANU: PAS is adopting an approach of peaceful politics, with friends and foes alike, its president Abdul Hadi Awang said today.

Hadi said this was the way to increase the number of party members as well as supporters.

“PAS is consistent in its political approach with all quarters. We are taking a peaceful stance with the present federal government.

“We are also prepared to have political cooperation with all quarters to ensure Islam will lead any changes,” he said in his policy speech at the opening of the 64th PAS muktamar at the Gong Badak indoor stadium here today, attended by all top PAS leaders and its members.

Also present were top Umno leaders, led by its president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, MIC deputy president SK Devamany, as well as Gagasan Sejahtera leaders from its member parties Ikatan, Berjasa and Parti Cinta Malaysia.

The Marang MP said such cooperation was needed, pointing out that the Islamist party is facing challenges in standing firm on the basis of truth, in saving society using Islam, in facing Muslims ignorant about how to practise their religion, and non-Muslims buried in confusion and Islamophobia.

He said PAS was successful in “breaking the walls of ignorance”, with the addition of new Muslim members and also the formation of the PAS supporters wing, with non-Muslims.

But he said these were still not enough as was proven in the recent 14th general election when secular parties garnered the majority support of non-Muslims as well as new voters, who were not mature or well versed in Islamic politics.

Hadi said the challenges were further compounded by discordant voices who challenged religious institutions, the royal institution and the rights of Bumiputeras.

PAS also faced active movements fighting for liberalism and same-sex relations, and also deviationist sects.

“They seem to be more open now and are moving freely without any inhibitions.

“These challenges warrant us to step up our preparations and plan strategic actions.

“We are confident that the victory from Allah is a blessing to those who are sincere and patient in their struggle,” he added, apparently alluding to PAS assuming power in Kelantan and Terengganu after the May 9 general election.