PKR duo will be sacked if guilty of money politics, says Anwar

PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim has advised members to choose candidates who have principles.

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim today vowed to take action against two PKR secretariat members in Kedah who were arrested over their alleged involvement in money politics.

Anwar said if they were found guilty, there would be no sympathy for them.

“If it is proven to be true, I will move a motion to sack them as members. That is our stern stand,” he said during a dialogue session with youths held at Corus Hotel today.

It was reported that two PKR members have been remanded for six days to assist in investigations into alleged money politics in the nomination for a PKR branch leader in Kedah.

The case is being investigated under Section 16(a)(A) of the MACC Act 2009 which deals with corruptly soliciting, receiving or agreeing to receive any gratification as an inducement or reward.

The remand of the two men follows an arrest made by the anti-graft body yesterday. It is learnt that the first suspect, 48, was detained at a restaurant in Alor Setar at about 12.20pm, while the second man, 46, was arrested at 3.25pm at the Pendang toll plaza.

According to a source, the two men are believed to have asked for RM20,000 from another man, as an inducement for his name, which has already been registered for the party polls, to be retained in the system, hence making him eligible to contest.

The source said this comes after the suspects had informed the man that his name, along with several others, will be dropped from the list of candidates. However, they apparently claimed that the name of the candidate could be maintained if he paid the money.

When asked whether the clashes happening in the run-up to the PKR polls were constructive or disruptive, Anwar said in the nomination process, one must respect the right to speak, offer themselves and give their views.

“When people ask who to choose, I would say choose the best. Choose those with principles. Choose those who defend the idealism of our struggle.

“Don’t choose those who are arrogant. Don’t choose those who use power to threaten people or to buy people,” he added.