MIC slams Anwar over chair-throwing remark

A heated argument saw a chair being thrown during a press conference in Penang to update PKR members on the polls.

PETALING JAYA: MIC MPs have hit out at Anwar Ibrahim after the PKR leader made references to the Barisan Nasional component party in his criticism against members who threw chairs during the recent party polls in Penang.

Speaking to FMT, C Sivarraajh said Anwar was merely trying to divert attention from PKR’s failures with his comments on MIC.

Anwar, in commenting on the chair-throwing incident in Penang and the brawl in Kedah on Saturday, had said that PKR wasn’t MIC.

“They think this is MIC… wrong party. MIC is famous for throwing chairs, so with MIC no more now, they’re the ones replacing them to ‘baling kerusi’ (throw chairs),” he was quoted as saying to Sabah PKR members during an event in Kota Kinabalu.

Sivarraajh, the Cameron Highlands MP, asked why Anwar had seen fit to drag MIC into an internal party matter.

“He should teach his members how to behave. Those throwing chairs were never MIC members,” the former MIC Youth chief said.

He also said Anwar’s comments were “typical” of him.

“When he wants support, he’ll pose like (actor) MG Ramachandran but when there are issues, he’ll just distance himself by pointing to others, in this case MIC, to save his so-called clean image.”

Tapah MP M Saravanan said Anwar should realise that the “throwing of chairs” in MIC stopped 30 years ago, and that it was time for him to move on.

He added that Anwar shouldn’t use MIC as a “shield” to deflect criticism.

“The fact is that those throwing the chairs were PKR members, his own party members, so it has nothing to do with MIC.

“Your members throw chairs, you tell them not to throw chairs. There’s no need to talk about other parties.”

On Tuesday, Anwar announced that the PKR member in Penang who threw the chair and another involved in the brawl in Kedah had been sacked by the party.