NRD bans ‘Abd’ and ‘Mohd’, and any name longer than 80 letters

NRD says it will no longer allow names longer than 80 characters, or spelt in short form.

ARAU: Parents are now prohibited from registering their newborn with names that have more than 80 letters, the National Registration Department said today.

Its deputy director-general (Operations) Jasri Kasim said the longest name in the department’s records so far had four words and a total of 78 letters.

“The NRD also does not encourage parents to give their children names with unpleasant meaning,” he said when met at the NRD Mobile Convoy programme here.

Furthermore, he said short forms of names would no longer be allowed, such as “Abd” and “Mohd”, which must now be spelt in full as “Abdul” and “Mohamad”.