PKR man repeats claims of anti-Anwar sabotage, says Isa part of conspiracy

Abdullah Sani says Anwar Ibrahim is being targeted by elements in Pakatan Harapan.

KLANG: The PKR MP who ruffled feathers last month with claims of an internal sabotage against Anwar Ibrahim today repeated a similar allegation, this time saying that Isa Samad’s candidacy in the Port Dickson by-election was part of a conspiracy to bring down the PKR top leader.

Kapar MP Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid also said the “conspiracy” to stop Anwar this time was by the same players of 20 years ago, when Anwar was sacked from the Cabinet and jailed.

Umno has announced that it was staying out of the contest, saying it was opposed to the by-election as it was to serve the political ambition of Anwar.

Anwar is contesting the Port Dickson seat in his bid to make a parliamentary comeback. Danyal Balagopal Abdullah who won the seat in the May elections, resigned early this month to pave the way for Anwar.

Yesterday, Isa, the former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar, announced that he would be contesting against Anwar as an independent candidate, alongside PAS and several other independents.

Abdullah today said there were hidden hands behind Isa’s decision.

“Why does Isa want to contest?” he asked when met at his office today.

Abdullah said PH should act against those from within the coalition who he said were trying to sabotage Anwar, who has been named to replace Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“The people gave the mandate because they supported this consensus (to appoint Anwar as PM), and this consensus cannot be betrayed,” he said.

He was however cautious not to name the people who are behind the attempt to disrupt Anwar’s path to premiership.

“All I can say is they are now more than ever bent on bringing down Anwar,” he added.

Last month, Abdullah, who is aligned to Rafizi Ramli in the latter’s tussle with Mohamed Azmin Ali for the PKR deputy presidency, said there were elements attempting to stop Anwar from becoming the next prime minister, and named Daim Zainuddin as among those out to stop the PKR leader.

The remarks drew condemnation from PPBM leaders. Abdullah has since apologised.