Umno deserters ‘political prostitutes’, says Puteri chief

Puteri Umno chief Zahida Zarik Khan. (Bernama pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno members who sell their positions to their political enemies are “political prostitutes”, Puteri Umno said today.

Its chief, Zahida Zarik Khan, said the true fighters are those who stay loyal to Umno, regardless of whether the party wins or loses.

She was also of the view that those who turn their backs on Umno are only politicking for their own personal gain.

“I believe there are those in this hall, who are true fighters, youngsters, who are still confident and support the party’s struggle,” she said in her policy speech at the Puteri Umno general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre here today.

“Yes, there are times we win, there are times we lose. This is how things are in the struggle and the wheel of life. We need to accept this to be true fighters.”

Zahida also said those present at the convention are committed towards the party and not just when Umno is the party in power.

“I am confident that all those present today are committed Umno members,” she said.

The Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings will debate Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan’s opening speech today.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will give his speech later tonight, which will then be debated by the respective wings tomorrow.

Umno is holding its 72nd general assembly this year in a scenario very different from past years, following its heavy defeat in the 14th general election that made it unable to form the federal government for the first time since independence.