Shopowner fined RM25,000 for having fake Nike, Puma jerseys

KUALA LUMPUR: A clothing shop owner was fined RM25,000 by the Session’ Court here on three charges of possessing 1,245 imitation jerseys of various brands in June.

Judge Manira Mohd Nor meted out the sentence on Lee Soon Chieng, 59, after she changed her plea to guilty when the case came up for mention today.

According to the three amended charges, the woman was accused of possessing 650 Adidas jerseys, 445 Nike jerseys and 150 Puma jerseys with fake trade description which infringed the registered trademarks of the three brands.

Earlier, domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry (KPDNKK) deputy public prosecutor Suhail Abdul Halim pressed for adequate punishment in the interest of the public.

“The accused had taken the easy way to reap profits when the three brands had taken measures to promote their products.

“With the guilty plea in the accused’s first charge, the prosecution is withdrawing the charge against Munfaidah Mui, 50, the second accused who was charged jointly with her employer. I am seeking for the second accused to be discharged not amounting to an acquittal,” he said.

Counsel Tharam Jit Singh, who represented Lee, sought a minimum fine as this was his client’s first offence and she regretted her action.

According to the facts of the case, a KPDNKK enforcement team raided the premises and found the shop displaying and selling the clothes suspected to be imitations of Adidas, Nike and Puma brands.