MyNewsNet apologises to Raja Kamarul over ‘luxury trip’ report

Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah will also receive an undisclosed amount in damages.

KUALA LUMPUR: MyNewsNet Sdn Bhd today apologised in court to Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah over an article published in the news portal, MyNewsHub, in January last year.

The article claimed that Raja Bahrin had gone on a “luxury holiday” in London with his family and neglected victims of the flood in Terengganu in December 2016.

A director for the company, Arshad Khan, read out the apology at the High Court today, saying the allegations against the former Kuala Terengganu MP were not true.

“The defendant did not intend to offend YB Raja Kamarul in the article.

“We apologise to him if it had hurt his feelings, dignity, and reputation,” Arshad said before Judicial Commissioner Daryl Goon.

He also said the company would take the necessary steps to disassociate itself from MyNewsHub.

Raja Bahrin’s lawyer Nazratun Naim Hammad Azizi said the company also agreed to pay him an undisclosed amount in damages.

“It has to publish its apology to Raja Kamarul in their news portal and two newspapers,” she said.

The settlement comes a day after the senator and another witness testified for the case. The hearing of the lawsuit was supposed to have resumed today.

Raja Bahrin filed the lawsuit in January last year, claiming the report was malicious.

He said he was on the ground in Terengganu during the flood season from December 2016 to January 2017.

Raja Bahrin had sent a letter of demand seeking an apology from the news portal but it failed to do so.