Tony needs to have ‘grand ideas’ to justify MSC appointment, says Kadir

Veteran newsman Kadir Jasin (left) has urged Tony Fernandes to come up with ideas quick.

PETALING JAYA: Veteran newsman Kadir Jasin today urged AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes to drum up some “grand ideas” to justify his appointment as Malaysia Stadium Corporation (MSC) chairman.

The former New Straits Times Press editor-in-chief said Fernandes should do so quickly.

“I am sure a man as important and as creative as Fernandes would not accept the chairmanship of an obscure government corporation just for the sake of it,” Kadir wrote in his blog.

Last month, the youth and sports ministry announced Fernandes as the new head of its statutory body, citing his outstanding achievements in various fields such as aviation, entertainment, hospitality and broadcasting had qualified him for the role.

The AirAsia chief, who has won multiple awards including “CEO of the Year” and “Entrepreneur of the Year”, will be responsible for the structure and operations of MSC.

He also needs to tackle MSC’s RM11 million losses.

Kadir said for a start, Fernandes could use his wealth and his marketing prowess to bring some of the world’s best football teams for exhibition matches and the likes of British singer Harry Styles to perform at the National Stadium.

He said he was sure that Fernandes would not want to mark his MSC chairmanship with the same lacklustre outcome as his venture into English football and Formula 1.

“My dear Tan Sri you have to do better than that,” Kadir wrote.