We will address PD issues after by-election, says ex-MP

PORT DICKSON: Former Port Dickson MP Danyal Balagopal Abdullah today vowed that Pakatan Harapan (PH) would address the local issues raised during the campaign period.

These include the piping system in the constituency, parts of which are 25 to 30 years old.

“Another issue is abandoned projects,” he said. “We have identified 14 to 15 such projects with the help of the municipal council.”

He added however that not all of these projects were under the government.

“The majority are private projects with a lot of intrinsic problems like land and bank issues.

“Until we resolve this, we can’t do anything. The menteri besar is also aware, and the tourism minister has been informed. We will address this immediately after the by-election,” he told reporters in a press conference at the PKR operations centre here.

Danyal said it was also important to address the issue of cleanliness as Port Dickson was a popular tourist location.

“Three weeks ago, we had a community cleaning day. This was to send the message to Port Dickson residents that if we are not clean, especially the beaches, restaurants, and toilets, tourists will not come.”

Danyal, who has been heavily involved in PH’s campaign in Port Dickson, said the coalition aimed to transform the constituency into an international tourist destination.

“If we want to bring in foreign tourists, we must offer something in return. We are going to address this.

“I’m glad that with the future prime minister, we can make this happen,” he added, referring to PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim.

“Once Anwar becomes prime minister, he can develop Port Dickson and bring it to international standards. You will see the difference.”

Danyal also assured that the election campaign machinery would not affect tourism in Port Dickson.

“Campaigning doesn’t affect tourism. We are very careful about that. There is no issue.

“We have always tried to avoid campaigning at tourist attraction areas. We stay out of those areas.”

He was responding to questions on the apparent decrease in tourist numbers once the election campaign kicked off on Saturday.

The Port Dickson by-election was called after Danyal stepped down to make way for Anwar’s return to Parliament.

The by-election, which will see a seven-way fight between candidates, will take place on Oct 13.