Najib wants action taken against accused in Morais case for perjury

Najib Razak says it was unkind of the accused, S Ravi Chandaran, to attempt to take advantage of his current situation.

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak says one of the accused in the murder of deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais had committed perjury and called on police to investigate the claim that he had offered money to S Ravi Chandaran to confess to the crime.

In a statement, Najib said Ravi’s allegation in court that he offered him RM3.5 million through an unnamed prison officer was perjury.

“These allegations are completely and utterly untrue and are denied by me unequivocally. This is a most damning statement, to say the least, and does not do any justice to the late Morais nor to me.

“It is most unkind for Ravi to perjure in that way, attempting to take advantage of the current situation I am in and to further unfairly cause me reputational hurt,” he said, adding he wondered if “someone” put him up to it.

Najib called on the authorities to investigate Ravi’s claim that he had offered the accused money to admit guilt in the murder case.

He also said Ravi should be asked to disclose the name of the prison warden so that police could check on Ravi’s claim.

“If Ravi cannot support his claim, I urge the authorities to charge Ravi for perjury.

“I am made to understand that neither the prosecution nor any of the defence counsel in the murder case believed Ravi’s bizarre allegations.”

Najib also said he was reliably informed that Morais had no part in the investigations or supervision of the 1MDB or the SRC International cases and this could easily be determined by proper investigations.

In a Facebook post, Najib also slammed Sarawak Report for changing its tune on his alleged involvement in the Morais murder.

For three years, he said, Sarawak Report had claimed he was responsible for Morais’s death, claiming he was murdered five weeks after he drafted a charge sheet against him.

“This was repeatedly refuted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

“In its latest article, it says it is no longer sure if Morais was the person who drafted the charge sheet against me.”

Now, he said, Sarawak Report was claiming that it never stated a link existed between Morais’s murder and the SRC and 1MDB case.

“What is most annoying is they now write, ‘The purpose of the ex-prime minister’s attempt to dismiss Morais’s involvement appears to be to dispel any notion of a murder motive linked to covering up those charges against him. He may turn out to be correct.’”

Najib said Sarawak Report’s admission was “too late” as it had already succeeded in influencing the masses with lies that he was a murderer.