Don’t use govt functions for political purposes, urges Sabah Bersih

Poster shows the programme was organised by Warisan and recognises Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman as the party’s youth chief.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Bersih has urged all political parties to respect democracy and establish clear guidelines to differentiate between political party programmes and those organised by the government.

Speaking to the media today, Sabah Bersih secretariat member Asraf Sharafi said Bersih was concerned after a poster promoting the soft launch of the Sabah Job and Entrepreneur Fair, attended by Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman and Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Ariffin Asgali, stated that the programme was organised by Warisan in collaboration with the federal and state governments.

In the poster, Azis was recognised as Warisan Youth chief and the Warisan party’s logo was displayed as the main organiser.

“Separation of programmes organised by political parties and those by the government is important to advance the government’s agenda to make the country more democractic.

“This separation is crucial to prevent political parties from using the government’s machinery and funds for their own interests by hiding behind government programmes.”

Hence, Asraf called on all government officials to uphold the principle of administrative neutrality and be ready to step forward if there were elements of coercion or threat to abuse civil resources for the benefit of certain political parties.

The idea of “New Malaysia”, he said, should not be limited to political parties as all citizens have the responsibility to monitor all activities carried out by the government and political parties in the government today.

“The new government must be more careful not to spend the government’s funds at will because these funds belong to the people who voted for change.

“Sabah Bersih hopes those holding power in the government today will ensure similar incidents do not happen again in future,” he said.