Forget Tony’s backing of BN, Anwar tells voters

PORT DICKSON: Anwar Ibrahim today defended Tony Fernandes against those who took issue with the AirAsia Group CEO’s previous endorsement of the Barisan Nasional administration prior to the May 9 polls.

This came especially after Fernandes announced plans to turn Port Dickson into a tourism hub yesterday.

Tony Fernandes.

“I say, we forget about the past. Now, we want what is good for the people,” the PKR Port Dickson candidate told a crowd of 400 at a cultural night in Bukit Pelandok.

The PKR president-elect was referring to the time when Fernades endorsed the BN and Najib Razak as well as repainted AirAsia aircraft in Barisan Nasional livery in the final stages of the 14th general election campaign.

Fernades later apologised and said he was under pressure to back Najib’s government.

Anwar went on to say that while Fernandes is a good businessman and manager, the latter was not so politically savvy.

“Thats all right. I am knowledgeable in politics, but in business not so.

“So I told Tony, in politics he should listen to me and in business, I will listen to him,” he said.

Fernandes had, in his LinkedIn account, revealed plans to turn Port Dickson into a successful transit destination, just like Dubai.

He said the focus given to Port Dickson at this time reinforced his support to develop this “unpolished gem”.

“Its proximity to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) makes it potentially to be like the Malaysian version of the Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.”