Gerakan to see fresh faces at the helm

Gerakan’s former president Mah Siew Keong says everyone should be given a chance to play a role in the party.

IPOH: A total of 23 posts, including the three top leadership posts, will be contested at the Gerakan national delegate conference on Nov 17.

The party’s former president Mah Siew Keong said the three top posts are that of the president, deputy president and senior vice-president.

“New faces will be contesting for the three top posts and I’m confident they are capable of taking over the party leadership,” the former minister said after the state Gerakan delegates conference here today.

Mah – who stepped down as president last month following the party’s abysmal performance in the May 9 polls – said Gerakan, which now has about 300,000 members, was considering limiting the term of divisional heads to three and that the matter would be discussed at the delegates conference.

“We are going to limit the division chairman to three terms. One term is three years to lead, limit to three terms. There are a lot of division chairmen who have held the post for 20 years, they are all good. They are contributing to the party, but I think, in this new political climate, it is good to limit the term because everybody can play a role in the party.

“So these are the changes that we want; to strengthen the organisation and get back in touch with our grassroots,” he added.